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Sanseveria “Friends”

We grow motherplants of Sanseveria “Friends” for the cuttings (small plants) since 2011. Till 2014 the growth was done at Plant Planet (look at their website for more information) and since 2014 Mts Cuppen-Cuppen does the whole production of the Sanseveria “Friends”. This because the good and healthy plants at Mts Cuppen-Cuppen. With the biologic sales we adapt to the market and circumstances regarding residues on plants.

The sales is done in coöperation with Van der Arend Tropical Plantcenter:

Van der Arend Tropical Plantcenter
Lange broekweg 17
2671 DT Naaldwijk
The Netherlands
Tel. 0031174-625895
Fax 0031174-631883
E-mail info@tropicenter.com
Website www.tropicenter.com